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Topdl Library

This page describes the python library for manipulating topologies that follow the topdl model and are generally output in the topdl language. It is broken up into a reference section describing the various python classes and procedures and an examples section.


Installing and Accessing

The topdl library is available as oart of the DETER module of the DETER federation system. Any system that has fedd installed will have topdl installed as well. In particular, has the library installed.

To install the library separately, follow the instructions for getting fedd from git, make the distribution, and install the deter-data-version.tar.gz tar file using the same procedure for installing the fedd tar file. Installing all of fedd will work as well, of course.

Once the library is installed, python programs can access it by:

#!/usr/bin/env python

from deter import topdl

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