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     94== Composing Fragments ==
     96The simple composer is included in the fedd git repository as [source:fedd/].  It takes one or more fragment files as described above and produces an new fragment file in either xml or ns-2, suitable for passing to [] or back to the composer.  The compose command takes the following arguments:
     98 '''--help'''::
     99  Display help text
     100 '''--url'''::
     101  The url of a running fedd that is willing to translate ns-2 to topdl/xml.  {{{}}} will work.  Not needed if all inputs are topdl/XML.
     102 '''--multifile=''' ''file,number''::
     103  Include the given ''file'' in the composition ''number'' times.
     104 '''--output=''' ''file''::
     105  Save the composed fragment in ''file''.  The suffix of the file determines the output format, {{{tcl}}} or {{{ns}}} are saved as ns-2, and {{{topdl}}} or {{{xml}}} are topdl/XML.  If this option is not given, the fragment goes to standard out as XML, though the '''---format''' option can set the output explicitly.
     106 '''--format=''' ''format'':
     107  Override the format of the output.  Choices are: {{{tcl}}} or {{{ns}}} to output ns-2, and {{{topdl}}} or {{{xml}}} to output topdl/XML.
     108 '''--add_testbeds'''::
     109  Add a testbed attribute to each component.  Each view of the multi-party experiment is instantiated in a separate testbed. If this option is given, the same testbed attribute is assigned to each node in each fragment.  All the nodes in the first fragment are assigned to {{{testbed000}}} all in the second to {{{testbed001}}}, etc.
     110 '''--output_testbeds'''::
     111  Include testbed assignments in the output fragment.
     112 '''--lax'''::
     113  Do not return an error if all required constraints cannot be met.
     114 '''--same_node'''::
     115  Allow loops to the same node in the output topology.  (Default is off)
     116 '''--same_topology'''::
     117  Allow nodes in the same fragment to satisfy each others constraints.  (Default is off)
     118 '''--same_pair'''::
     119  Allow multiple links between the same two nodes in different topologies to be created.  (Default is off)
     120 '''--seed=''' ''number''::
     121  Seed the random number generator.
     122 '''--certfile=''' ''file''::
     123  Load a fedid from ''file'' for ns-2 to topdl translations.  Ususally not needed.
     124 ''--config=''' ''config''::
     125  Take the options from ''file'' in the format below.
     127=== Configuration File ===
     129The composer has many options, and invocations that use only options can be long.  To simplify matters, a simple key/value configuration file can be used.  The