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     213Because each testbed only knows about the resources it has committed to the federated experiment, these representations are incomplete.  Even the two virtual testbeds on DETERLab do not include information about the other testbed.
     215It can be instructive to see how the federation system interconnects these experiments.
     217Logging into node {{{d}}} in the {{{deter/exp2}}} sub-experiment, inspecting the routing table shows:
     220d:~$ ip route
     221default via dev eth1
     22210.0.0.0/24 dev eth2  proto kernel  scope link  src
     22310.0.1.0/24 via dev eth2  proto zebra  metric 30
     22410.0.2.0/24 via dev eth2  proto zebra  metric 30
     22510.0.3.0/24 via dev eth2  proto zebra  metric 20
     22610.0.4.0/24 via dev eth2  proto zebra  metric 20
     227192.168.0.0/22 dev eth1  proto kernel  scope link  src
     228192.168.252.0/22 via dev eth1  proto zebra
     231There are routes in the table to hosts that are not in the DETERLab experiment.  Specifically none of, or are present in the {{{TIED/fed1-exp2}}} experiment that contains {{{d}}}.
     233The federation system has done 4 things to make it possible and simple for the sub-experiments to communicate.
     235 * The [NewFeddAbout#TheExperimentController experiment controller] assigned consistent network (IP) addresses to the experiment nodes.
     236 * The controller configured and started [ ospf] routers on each machine to propagate routes between the two experiments.
     237 * The controller interconnected the two experiments through a local VLAN (by coordinating with a third virtual testbed)
     238 * Entries for the nodes in the other experiment were added to {{{/etc/hosts}}} so symbolic names can be used to reach nodes allocated in either experiment.
     240Similar work can be done to present unified login information and shared filesystems.  That is not done in this case because the experiments are both in the same DETER project and testbed.