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    294294The {{{--force}}} parameter can be used to terminate experiments that are not in the {{{active}}} state, or that have other problems.
     296== Generating and Using TopDL Descriptions ==
     298[TopDl TopDL] is the XML-encoded layout description language that the federation system uses internally.  While ns2/tcl can be shorter and easier to generate - especially by human programmers - it can be very difficult for tools to deal with.  In particular, because each ns2 description is a program in a Turing-complete interpreted language, extracting the layout for analysts or presentation requires running the program.  Translation of XML is much less computationally expensive and presents fewer security concerns.
     300The [] command will take either a topdl or an ns2 description.  To get topdl description from an ns2 description, one can use the [] command.  Note that this command must contact an [NewFeddAbout#TheExperimentController experiment controller] to do the conversion.  DETERLab's experiment controller at ! provides this service.  Running {{{}}} on that machine contacts the experiment controller by default.
     302Converting the [attachment:federation1.tcl experiment layout we used above] into topdl is done by running this command on {{{}}}:
     304{{{ --file federation1.tcl --out federation1.xml
     308The contents of [attachment:federation1.xml federation1.xml], run through an XML formatter, are attached.  The topDL representation is much more verbose, but encodes the same information about layout.
     310The information it does not encode is the [NewFeddAbout#ExperimentServices service] information.  When using the topdl representation, services have to be passed to [] using the {{{--service}}} parameter, like so:
     313users:~$ --service project_export:deter/exp1::project=TIED --service project_export:deter/exp2::project=TIED --file federation1.xml --experiment_name fed2
     314localname: fed2
     315fedid: 4758ff5a8b20ec1a54ea59f84e1eaaf60ee39cf9
     316status: starting
     319The two formats are generally interchangeable using federation tools, though some external tools will prefer one or the other.