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Release Notes

Fedd 3.0

Fedd 3.0 includes several new features and several bug fixes.


  • ProtoGENI v1.0 plug-in support. Experiments can now use ProtoGENI nodes
  • A plug-in for using DETER's internal network has been added, allowing multiple sub-experiments to be created on DETER.
  • An example skeleton plug-in is included in the code, as a demonstration of the architecture and a starting point for new plug-ins.
  • Fedd uses topdl, our topology description language for sub-segment representation and communication between experiment controller and access controller. Topdl will be making its way out to user interfaces and input tools as well.
  • Fine grained specification of experiment services that allows experimenters to compose experimental environments from multiple sources.
    • This has been used to construct multi-party experiments with information hiding.
  • Access controller/plug-in code has been reorganized and more heavily commented.
    • Common functionality has been moved into a plug-in base class for easy re-use.
  • Dynamic plug-in controllers can be added by users
  • Plug in interfaces have been documented?
  • The old multi-function command has been split out into individual commands that are easier to read and simpler to maintain.
  • Local emulab access controllers now use the Emulab XMLRPC interface.

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