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     1= Using The Desktop Plugin In ExoGENI =
     3The DETER lightweight federation system is a simple way to join your ExoGENI experiment with a DETER experiment.  The ExoGENI experiment can dynamically join an experiment in DETER when the DETER experiment is created using the federation system.  When the DETER experiment is terminated, the ExoGENI environment remains intact and can be reconnected to a similar experiment or to a different DETER experiment.  The technology in general is also called [FeddDesktop DETER desktop federation].
     5The federation system accomplishes this by using a node that the experimenter adds to the ExoGENI topology that talks to DETER through its ExoGENI management interface.  Traffic to or from DETER will currently pass through the management interfacs as well, though we expect to expand to using other ExoGENI facilities in the near future.
     7The federation node runs an image DETER provides and needs some simple configuration from the ExoGENI experimenter to coordinate with DETER.  In the simplest case, that configuration consists of:
     9 * The IP address on which DETER can reach the management interface
     10 * The DETER(s) user who is allowed in create experiments that talk to this ExoGENI slice
     12The rest of this document describes how to get and use the lightweight federation technology in ExoGENI.