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#30 Design fedd user setup that makes fedd an interface to all of DETER fedd enhancement Sep 28, 2011
#27 Integrate fedd into users restart/rc scripts fedd v4 release defect Sep 26, 2011
#37 See what we can do about the line limit in startcmds in federated experiments. fedd v4 release defect Oct 12, 2011
#44 topdl.py needs methods to delete nodes/interface/etc fedd v4 release defect Jan 30, 2012
#13 ProtoGENI needs service support fedd v4 release enhancement Dec 14, 2010
#31 harden nodes against reboots, including portals fedd v4 release enhancement Sep 28, 2011
#26 Multiparty experiments should allow splitting LANs between parties fedd v4 release enhancement Sep 22, 2011
#39 Overhaul dynamic project stuff. fedd v4 release task Oct 12, 2011
#43 Review and clean up experiment_partition fedd task Nov 21, 2011
#9 deal with linux mount cifs errors fedkit v4 release defect Dec 3, 2010
#25 Find graphviz return codes and get fedd_image to deal with them correctly commands v4 release defect Sep 21, 2011
#29 Does ns2tpodl use the tcl_splitter setting? fedd v4 release defect Sep 27, 2011
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